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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


It seems the possibilities with technology and publishing are never-ending.  I happened to see an article in the Wall Street Journal last week describing a couple of online "libraries" where you could simply upload your publication and anyone could then read it digitally. Well, why not?  So I just uploaded One Fine Day to "Scribd" - so easy!  Costs nothing and with the "taglines" - fiction, love, coming of age - some who've joined this site may stumble across my novel and enjoy reading it. I hope so!

If it weren't for technology, my novel - sweated over for years - would be nothing more than pages gathering dust on my desk as agent after agent rejected it [annoying how this is the only profession where they can get away without responding to inquiries AT ALL if they are not interested; I mean, at least respond so I know you got my query.....grr].  I digress.

Between working with Fastpencil who worked step by step with me to design the book and put the novel into salable form, and Createspace who helped market it online at Amazon, there are fantastic new methods for seeing your work in print or up digitally.  Of course that doesn't gurantee sales but it's still a nice feeling to hold your own self-published work in your hands and/or see it out in the "cyberworld".

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