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Monday, May 21, 2012

Books, Art and Gardening - then Blogging

I continue to dip into multiple books at the same time but had to quit both "The Hunger Games" and "Fifty Shades of Gray" - I just couldn't get involved in the dark tale of teens offing teens and the latter book is so poorly written, I tossed it after a few chapters.  More power to the author, however, who tops the best seller lists and is happily filling up her bank account.
I just finished "Escape from Camp 14" by Blaine Harden, a ghastly, harrowing tale of one young man's life in and escape from a North Korean prison camp.  It's hard to believe the world knows of the existence of this and other camps in NK, yet nothing is done and no outrage is expressed.  Thousands are tortured and murdered annually, children are born and raised there who know nothing of the outside world. It's sickening to read this book. As I plan a trip to Poland and Hungary for this summer, and read about the death camps that murdered millions, it is  galling that we apparently haven't learned the lessons of repressive murderous regimes. 
I am also beginning the multi-volume history of World War II by Churchill, a very readable account of those horrible years.  The first volume, "The Gathering Storm" shows in hindsight all the warning signs of what was to come when again, the world was unable or unwilling to act.
On a happier note, my power point Art Appreciation lectures are off to a fine start. My seniors really seem to enjoy them! So far, I have lectured on highlights from the National Gallery in Washington, notable landscapes, ditto portraits and up next are family portraits, then "what did people do back then?" and am currently working on "War, Danger and Adventure".  What follows will be architecture and sculpture, 2 on modern art and wrap with "The Christmas Story".  Loving getting back into the art world in this way!
Vegetable Garden grows great guns.
This is why writing the blog has been put off for too long but I'm still committed.