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Monday, January 30, 2012

Another Avenue for Self Published Writers

 There's one more thing I might look at for some exposure for my novel - an audiobook recording.  Not sure how much it costs, but there's apparently a niche out there. Books are recorded all the time [and it doesn't have to be by expensive trained actors, I don't think] so that's one more door to knock on.  Now I just need to push myself and find some good [start with one or two] blogs to follow and delve into tweeting.  Fun stuff.  It's a little hard to buckle down right now as I leave for Brazil in a few days, first visit ever. I hope to  blog with pics from there, maybe see if there are any bookstores left in that country... It is rather shocking to realize Barnes and Noble will probably cease to exist in the next five years or so - look what's happened to the record industry . Is this good? I don't think so but it surely is what the future holds. Sigh

Friday, January 27, 2012

Steps Toward Selling a Book

Here's what I'm doing to get my book noticed: I have a very nice webpage for the book with lots of information about the characters and plot along with possible questions for book club discussion. This webpage is linked to its own Facebook and twitter pages which I haven't really done much with yet, though I have the accounts. Also on the webpage, visitors can link to Amazon and purchase the book. It is available in paperback for $12 and e-book for $0.99 [both published by createspace] . One caveat there - the original e-book was published by FastPencil and listed at $9.59. I am in the process of removing that version from Amazon.Why? Because self-published authors are learning the $0.99 price moves books! Goal is not to get rich but to offer a good read to folks.

I also decided to pay to have Kirkus review my book. A good review could ignite sales and it can be posted on the Amazon site. From createspace [what an amazing entity for self-publishers!], I ordered business cards with the book cover on one side and contact information on the other. Can't wait to get them and then will decide what to do with them. Shake hands with someone, and slip them card? Maybe... I thought I'd start by posting them on library bulletin boards. Work in progress...

I'm also working on the "elevator speech". I have not been good at succinctly telling people who ask what the book is about. Stuck in an elevator with someone for 6 floors, I should be able to pique someone's interest in those few seconds so they really want to buy the book!

Next is investigate sites [other blogs] where book lovers gather. Hello!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Road to Finding Readers

It took me five years to complete my novel, One Fine Day, three months to get through the self-publishing process and six months to realize I wouldn't find a literary agent to help me market it to a "mainstream" publishing house. I think it's a good book that many would enjoy reading - it's got several themes woven together: family dysfunction, obsession, fate versus free will, coming-of-age, tragedy, love, all set amid the turmoil of the influential Sixties. Though I want to call it "literary fiction", some think it's a "romance"; others who have read it call it a page turner with enough suspense that you want to know what's gong to happen next. I think that's the sign of a good read!
I can't be modest because I want to sell my book and I'm looking to connect through networking to do it!